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Robo-Advice Startup

The business will offer Robo financial advice to build clients wealth and meet their financial goals, as well as offering mortgage advisory service. The name ideally would reflect that we offer personalised, relevant, easy, straight a..


Dog Product Advice and Review Site

I am creating a site that has information on dog products, specifically products made and manufactured in the USA. It is not about any specific brand...


Tech Blog/Advice Site Focused on Smart Homes and Connected Home Devices

Hi, thank you for checking out my contest. I'm looking for a name for a blog/article site...


Sustainability Consultancy Award and Careers Advice Service

My business will have 3 components to it: 1) Sustainability consultancy - working on projects related to forests, fruit, fish and/or food more generally. Consultancy projects that help to create a global shift to a more sustainable mo..


Info and Advice Blog About Games and Media for Parents

I am starting a site to explore issues of online games, media, digital environments, impact of media, etc. The audience will be parents that want straightforward, non-jargon, accessible, non-preachy, sometimes real evidence based inform..


Investment Analysis/Advice Website

I am launching a startup that helps individual investors to analyze, choose and monitor their investments. The site will incorporate a lot of backend intelligence and interesting visualizations...


Social Network-Powered Job Board With Career Advice

A Job board (like specifically aimed at teens and young adults following non-academic careers (hairdresser, construction work, sales, ...). The offering includes information on professional education and career choices and ..


Mobile Tech Advice Site

We need a available .com domain name for a information guide site all about: - Mobile technology - Local Commerce - Social Media The site will have lots of information and news about the tech space in the above rela..


Tradie Business Advice

The business idea is to offer Professional Business Advice to Tradies (Plumbers and Electricians) focusing on marketing, finance and risk mitigation. Need name to use across all digital platforms LinkedIn and Facebook...


Planning and Building Advice.

We would like a catchy brand name for an online planning and building advice business. The target audience is for people between 25-55, that want to gain an understanding of what is required to develop their property and how to go about..


One Minute Tip or Advice

The idea of our website is that we provide a 1 minute tip or advice from diffrent fields and sectors. people giving tips are the top in their field. the tip or advice will be a 1 minute video.


Mobile App for Sharing Your Location Video and Getting Advice

A mobile app that connects a person with his friend using media, primarily voice, video and location. Except voice, all information is sent in one way only - from the caller to the "assistant"...


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