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VR-AR-XR-3D Agency

3D/Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality services. Helping companies to expand their product offer with 3D models and VR-AR-XR experiences, as the next generation of online shopping and marketing.

Winner: BrighterReality.com

Digital Web Agency

I found a digital agency based in Germany. The focus is to create well-designed Web Apps with innovative technologies. I don't need to be super short if it is a cool name.

Winner: Northtorch.com

Custom Travel Itineraries & Travel Agency

Small new travel company (mother-daughter owned) specializing (for now) in custom travel itineraries focusing on New York City, but hoping to expand to other destinations and other services. We do the research and focus on the details o..

Winner: WideSkyTravel.com

Travel Agency

Name for Trave Agency specializing in the South Pacific Islands and Luxury Cruising

Winner: SeaSetters.com

Marketing Agency

EDIT: Some good ideas so far - i quite like names with marketing in the title - so these are probably my favs at the moment. I need a name for my new marketing consultancy business...

Winner: Exponality.com

Online Marketing Agency

Hi, I'm looking for a name for a virtual online marketing agency. We are focused on digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses...

Winner: Scalemint.com

Need a Name for a New Promotional/Staffing Agency

**New detailed information added** Need a name for a promotional agency I am starting. The agency will work with Brands to provide brand ambassadors/promotional models for their campaign or event...

Winner: OnPointPromos.com.au

Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency looking to rebrand. Looking for a professional, clever name that will stand out from competition...

Winner: Brilliant.agency

Web and Social Media Design Agency

Small front-end development studio that creates beautiful, easy-to-use Wordpress sites for entrepreneurs and small business clients. We believe that size doesn’t matter, but standing out from the crowd does...

Winner: OneOfASite.com

Creative Agency

Looking for an attractive name for our services.

Winner: Apexal.com

Web Design Agency

Business type: Web Design Agency in Australia Mission statement: We create and maintain professional, affordable and distinctive websites. We use open-source software to maximise your web presence with SEO, social media and email m..

Winner: LemonGlobe.com

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