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Business Data Analytics Consulting Firm

Consulting firm specializing in statistical and computational economic analyses to provide a sound and robust support system to decision makers in the private and public sectors. We are highly qualified researchers holding doctoral degr..

Domain Name for a Statistics / Analytics Web Portal for Online Sellers.

Domain name for a statistics / analytics web portal for online sellers. It connects to a marketplace like Amazon or Walmart, collects all data from there and shows sales, profits using filters, charts, sorting etc.

Clinical Data Analytics Real Time Data

Health technology firm with gathering data and displaying real time data analytics to the customers.

Data Analytics Company

I'm looking for a solid, catchy domain name for my data analytics business.

Data/Data-Mining and Analytics

We're creating a company that does data-mining and data analytics based on social networks data. We're looking for any type of name, even crazy ones, or names that are not relevant to the activity (Apple, Google, you name it!..

System Modelling and Data Analytics Company

We are looking for a name for a company that will provide consulting and software services for data modelling and analytics. Of course, our achitecture will be cloud-based and utilize big data from various sources, but the main focus wi..

Analytics Company

The name is for an analytics company. This company aims at helping other companies (such as retailers, malls, etc) to measure, analyze and improve its customers shopping experience...

A Data Analytics Company

Discovery of content and connections across the global internet. A data analytics company that examines raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information.

Analytics for Online Sellers

We are a SAAS company that gives online sellers insight into their sales, products, customers, and profitability. Our sellers may sell on online marketplaces like Ebay, Etsy, or Amazon, or they may sell on their own web site...

Web Analytics Consultancy

Hello there! I'm looking for a name for a company which will do the following things : web analytics implementation, data analysis, training / knowledge empowerment, and digital strategy...

Web Analytics Domain Name

I am looking for a domain name for a web analytics / marketing product. I'm open to .com or .io domain names.

SaaS Platform Provides Analytics Insights Into Software Development Like Engineers Productivity and Process Efficiency.

Generic SaaS software platform company, which will focus on analytics, big data platform to provide insights into software development such as engineers productivity and operational efficiency. Looking for generic software company na..

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