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Apartment Hunting Name Contests

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Online Renter and Apartment Matching Service

We're looking for a shorter domain name for an online renter and apartment matching service. The service will operate in the US and will primarily focus on matching renters with their perfect apartment in urban areas...

Winner: RentCache.com

Apartment and Vacation Rentals Site

A website where users can search for vacation rentals & apartments for rent. Can you please try to come up with a name that is catchy/startupy/fun like kungfurent or rentbox or rentville or something similar...

Winner: Caliberrent.com

A Site where You Can Find Roommates or Apartment Lisitngs

Brandable or can have keywords in it, but I have no Keywords at the moment. It's a site that allows you to search for apartments or find people who are looking roommates in your area...

Winner: AparMates.com

Name for Apartment Complex

I'm looking for a name for my apartment complex (building) with 20 apartments for renting to people on Holliday. Most people will rent an apartment for a period of 2 - 4 weeks...

App that Helps Property Managers Message Apartment Complex Tenants

This is for an almost-finished web app that helps property managers to bulk/mass-send emails and/or SMS/text messages to tenants who live in apartment complexes. They have the ability to send messages to particular residents, particu..

Short Term Rental Agency of High Standing Apartments

Our target is : 1. The clients who would like to rent an apartment in the most touristic cities of the world like : Paris, London, New York, Los angeles.....

Apartment Ratings & Review Site

I'm looking to use a different domain name for my company, RentCheck (http://www.rentcheck.me/)

Apartment Search Software

Software to assist people finding apartments. our competitors would be apartment guide.com and forrent.com The difference is we specialize in short term furnished apartments

Looking for a Real Estate Review Website. Or Apartment/Condo Website.

Looking for a unique name. If its one word its a plus!..

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