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Venture Capital Firm Focused on Cybersecurity

Firm is focused on building strong connections with entrepreneurs. Very knowledgeable firm, decades in the business, work with government and chief security officers. Seed to growth focus.

Winner: ConnectLevel.com

Currency Rates API + Website

Website that provide currency converter for visitors + currency rates api make sure the name no dash no numbers

Winner: CurrencyRatesApi.com


Landscaping and lawn care

Winner: SensationalLandscaping.com

E Liquid Vaping Website

Its a niche market people using electronic cigarettes we manufacture organic e liquid

Winner: 5Vape.com

Digital Agency Specialising in Rapid Web / Mobile Development

We help clients turn their ideas into web and mobile applications that work seamlessly. We believe in high quality, precise engineering, and our approach allows clients to get their ideas to market much faster, and incorporate custo..

Winner: CodeJets.com

Commercial Bank Lending in the Dominican Rep and Raising Capital in the US

UPDATE: I have partially liked many of the names below, but still no cigar. I realize that I like unique names, that have a positive connotation, but the name does not necessarily mean something...

Winner: CentiveCapital.com

Private Capital Firm

This is for a small private firm investing in distressed debts typically backed by real estate. The name should be as short as possible, ideally 2 words but no more than 3 words...it MUST NOT CONTAIN THE WORD "CAPITAL". It must be a.COM

Winner: AtlanticTrustCapital.com

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