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Luxury Art Jewellery Brand

High-end luxury art jewellery brand with a focus on unique fine detail design, themes are birds, animals and nature as well as precious metals and some gems (don't emphasise gems I don't use a lot of them). I'm in New Zealand so some NZ..

Online Fetish and Body Art Social Medial Platform

We are looking for a memorable, easy to spell/say brand name for our online social platform. The social platform is primarily aimed at people within the fetish/B D S M/alternative/bod art community and will provide a hub for people t..

Metal Art

Metal home decor online business selling metal art signs such as names and addresses. Target customers are individual consumers looking for customized metal art...

Art / Prints Company

Hi, we're looking for a new name for our prints company. We sell artwork, posters, prints and are looking to rebrand it in a modern, luxury, high brand feel...

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