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Football Community/ Pool Betting

We are developing a platform which is a social space where you can meet with friends and football fans, and where you challenge likeminded or compete individually or in teams for a pool of money. It revolves around a "betting-light" con..


Social Sports Betting

Purpose: find us a short and catchy name plus the corresponding .com webaddress What are we: A new form of social sports betting but we don't want to be a betting company. We are a football community anchored around a skill based gam..


Sports Betting Website

Website to bet on sports, also create pools and fantasy leagues.


Name for Large International Betting Operation

Large International Betting Operation (Sports • In-Game • Casino • Live Dealer • Racebook • Mobile, i.e. Tablet / Smartphone optimized) targeting 18 - 30 year old males in the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland specifically (functiona..


Betting Bonus Website

This name is for a new betting bonus website I had in mind, it will offer all the best available bonuses to my visitors along with betting tips are articles. This is a big interest of mine but i'm struggling to find a good domain name...


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