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Medical Billing Brand

Revenue Cycle Management company helping medical practices collect payment and negotiate between insurance and payer. Imagine getting a bill for $50,000 for a helicopter life-flight transport...

Billing Company for Weed

We are starting a billing company, blog and information directory for the weed industry. The focus will be billing (think CCBill / PayPal )...

Medical Billing and Coding Services

WE are a service that Physicians can outsource their Medical Billing and coding to.

SaaS Billing Application

Online software solution that minimizes the effort required to commercially create, manage and bill subscription services. It removes back-office restrictions in implementing and managing offerings based on usage, whether or not they ar..


What We Do: We are an online platform that finds and recovers medical billing errors for patients in the United States. The patient submits their bill, we review it for errors, then we advocate on their behalf to make corrections and..

Web Based Time Tracking And Billing Service

A simple to use web based time tracking service that provides quick time entry, easy invoicing, and powerful analytics.

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