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Brand Name for the Kids Toys

New Brand for toys for kids, from 1 to 12 years old, could be different product lines.. Target audience - USA and Canada...


Appealing Eye-Catchy Name for Cosmetic Brand Offering Gorgeous Mineral Makeup Cosmetics

The brand offers range of most innovative, top quality and advanced mineral make-up products (using only natural, chemical free ingredients with mineral based technology) at an competitive price for women of all ages! The name should ..


We Are Creating a Outdoors Brand

Hello, We are looking for a name in the outdoors niche. A name that we can build a brand around and that is easy to identify with the outdoors...


Health Supplements Brand and Domain Name

We're looking for a Brand name for a Health supplement startup. Targeting People 40+ Main brand values: Natural, Clean & Healthy Selling products like : Sleep aid, vitamins, probiotics, enzymes and so on...


The Brand of my Poker Playing Cards

I'm a serious poker player and I've designed my own brand of poker playing cards. I may also target people who play spades too...


A Name for Digital Nomad Brand - Living Co-Working Adventure

You can use other words. these are just to give you an idea....


Women Clothing Brand

Looking for a girly name for a women clothing brand. Targeting millennials and based on social media marketing.


Brand Name for Cake Toppers

I am selling decorative cake toppers which can be used at celebrations instead of or as well as using candles. I do not want to limit name to birthdays but need something that sounds happy, celebratory, sweet and fun...


Auto Electronics Brand Name

Large auto parts manufacturer looking for a BRAND NAME for a new line of auto electric parts. Must be unique enough to trademark...


Clothing and Home Goods Brand

E commerce business specializing in environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Education and sales of products...


Baby Safety Brand

We plan to sell baby safety related accessories and need a unique "short" catchy name for this brand


A Brand of Luxury / Hi End / Premium Noise Reducing Women's Earplugs

We need help with a brand name that is highly memorable, easy to say, and evokes a sense of a premium / luxury product. The brand is exclusively women's earplugs, that come in beautiful gift worthy packaging...


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