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Irish Mens Apparel Brand

Looking for a 1 word brand name for an Irish Mens Apparel Brand

Brand Name for Craft and Personalisation Business (.Com)

Hi folks, need your creative ideas for this one. We are starting a craft business that we need a nice brand name...

Home and Living Brand

We are a native e-commerce brand that brings stylish, high quality home essentials to the global consumers directly from manufacturers in the Mediterranean for affordable prices. We need a short easy to remember clever but at the sam..

A Watch and Fashion Brand Name

Hi we are launching a watch brand and are looking for a name. we really like names such as Monarch, Greek god names, Italian names...

Health & Beauty Brand

Hello, I am trying to find a short catchy name that is available for my new startup. We are going to be selling a "magic" eyeliner that will work with magnetic lashes and it also can act as fake eyelash glue...

Vitamin and Supplement Brand

I'm creating a vitamin and supplement brand that will mainly target men 30+. Selling things like mens multivitamins, testorone supplements, prostate support, etc...

Brand for Oral Spray Vitamins

We are producing vitamins and minerals aerosols that you can consume by just spraying them into the mouth. This is a much more efficient and convenient way to take your daily dose of needed supplements compared to the old-fashioned pill..

Healthy Baking Mixes Brand

Low-carb, no sugar baking mixes (pancakes, cakes, pizza bases, breadcrumbs etc) brand targeting the keto/paleo low-carb healthy conscious consumer. We need a clever name that is represents our brand and philosophy of clean, healthy a..

Sea-Derived Skin and Hair Products Brand

We manufacture skin and hair products such as cleansers, moisturizers, toners, exfolients, shampoos, masks etc, each using sea-based plants and extracts. "Health from the sea" or "Beauty from the sea" or "Vitality from the sea" are good..

Luxury Art Jewellery Brand

High-end luxury art jewellery brand with a focus on unique fine detail design, themes are birds, animals and nature as well as precious metals and some gems (don't emphasise gems I don't use a lot of them). I'm in New Zealand so some NZ..

Brand for Ball Sports Like Soccer Handball and Basketball

Sport products firm focusing on soccer and other ball sports products. Targeting older teens and young adults, mostly male. Example products per sport are gloves, handballs and equipment for coaches.

Brand Name for a Professional Services Portal

A) Service description: We deal with the following 8-9 services categories (Departments) - We plan to be one stop solution and service provider for all business services under one roof. 1) Registration Department - We help incorporat..

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