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Small Business Marketing Plans

Marketing consulting firm specializing in helping small town/small businesses create and execute marketing strategies and plans to grow their business.- Need a name that is short, clever, and memorable.

Brand Name for Craft and Personalisation Business (.Com)

Hi folks, need your creative ideas for this one. We are starting a craft business that we need a nice brand name...

Name for Business in Leisure Section

Our new company is specialized in the delivery, planning, and installation of professional outdoor lighting and showsystems We also deliver indoor lighting for darkrides, interactive rides, museums and other public spaces. Our comp..

Name for Metaphysical Business

I am looking for a name for a metaphysical business that has a YouTube channel, blog and sells handmade jewelry made of crystals and gemstones for healing and well-being. My business is all about self empowerment, healing and positive e..

Business Name for Dog Training

I am a dog trainer needing a business name. Wanting a name that is catchy and unique. I am wanting to use the words "unleashed", "Paws or Pawz", and/ or "K9" . Not wanting to use "Pawsitive" or "Pawzitive".

Business Coach to Small Businesses

I want a domain with So Evolve and Accelerate are two examples not available. Example: and Trying to find a good available front word but open to other i..

Name for Handmade Gift Business

Please could you suggest names for a handmade gift business? It will be selling lots of small goods made by hand by various craft makers...

Complete Branding Business Startup

I'm taking free business courses at a local college (in St. Louis Missouri USA)...

Landscape Design Business

Need a cool modern name for a landscape design service. We don't do construction or maintenance (no mowing lawn etc.) We design modern residential projects. Can't closely resemble an existing business name/domain. Thanks!

E-Commerce Business

No specific niche. Have products that solve problems across various niches. International or world audience. Short and easy to remember. Idioms welcomed.

Electrical Business

Electrical work, install circuits, electrical panels, lights, outlets, etc.

Need Business Name for Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Residential and commercial cleaning, want to appeal to all genders and professions, need name/logo that is simple but beautiful, can work on invoices, business cards, uniforms, etc. Classy, elegant, high-end, not cheezy, professional,..

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