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CAD Name Contests

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Academy of the Arts

This will be an academy that provides instruction in various performing and visual arts: dance, theatre, music, painting, digital media, etc. It will cater to all ages, from very young children to adults...


Basketball Academy

Hi I'm a basketball trainer Looking for a powerful, unique, eye catching basketball training name. This is for all ages...


Academic Essay Writing Website

CLIENT 1: OMG. I have to write a college admission essay and I have no idea what to say so I'm just going to throw up all over the page and submit it and hope for the best...


Web Based Coaching Site With Cadre of Experts from All Life Areas

Smart, positive, forward looking (not buzzwords) more fresh One to three words Affordable, web-based, high-quality, simple solutions, menu of options Career changers, life improvers, ages 20 - 60 - audience is US


Design Company / Academy

Looking for a good name of designing company.

Learn 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) Drafting Solid Modeling Online Tutorials

This site will be for people who need to learn 3D CAD software. Target audience are inventors, industrial designers, engineers, tinkerers, carpenters, garage hackers, jewelry designers and regular people who want to create physical prod..

Avocado Marketing Group

We would like something short and sharp. It can be a combination of words or parts of words. Target audience is avocado growers and retail chains.

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