Cellphone Repair Name Contests

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Cellphone Repair Name Contests

Cellphone Docking Station - Animal Figure / Novelty

Winner is Hiberstation.com out of 286 names

Animal related names The product will be an animal... Specifically animals like a turtle, hippo, duck - anything that can accommodate a charging cord, it would hold the phone on a desk, etc...

Cellphone / Computer / Electronic Repair Tools

126 names

We are a repair tool manufacturer looking to to rebrand, we mostly work with cellphone but also manufacture computer tools and other small tools . A few examples we like is: Radtech, gTool, iTools, etc.

Video Game Repair Service

Winner is RepairNPlay.com out of 60 names

My video game repair service business (Second Time Around) is looking for a new, less common name! We buy and repair video games (mostly gameboy games) and sell them on ebay and amazon...

Phone Tablet Laptop and Computer Repair Website

Winner is Adminjas.com out of 346 names

Looking for a .com domain name for a business that repairs mobile devices (tablets,phones,ipods) primarily, but also repairs laptops and desktops. If the domain name is not a .com it needs to be incredibly creative (something like join...

We Buy Broken Appliances Fix Them and Sell Them. We Also Do Repairs.

Winner is ApplianceRebuilder.com out of 239 names

If you were looking for a good used appliance for your home, what business name would appeal to you most? Must have the word "appliance" in it.

Home Repair Services for Customers Home Repair Scheduler for Service Providers

Winner is Homewized.com out of 82 names

Home repair services for customers (Customers can come online and tell about problem description, site captures customer information and passes for potential service providers for repairs/remodels) Service providers can subscribe to s..

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