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Website/E-Business Offering Remote Monitoring Data-Centre/Cloud Operations

Main business focus id offering remote monitoring services for it infratsructure targeting smb. on top of the monitoring service, tuning assistants/advisories and/or professional consulting will be offered...



Name for a Cardiology Centre

New Cath Lab and Interventional cardiology centre with 24*7 emergency care for heart attacks and also takes care of other cardiac and vascular diseases. I would like the name to be single like Apollo, max or followed by heart Care , ca..



A Centre Targeting Children Into Becoming Multi Dimensional Life Long Learners

An educational centre targeting kids from 11 to 18. Preference is not to include words such as mind, academy, learning, lab, language, brain, school ,centre . This education is for language and humanities.



Online Training & Marketing Courses

Training junior teams to senior level performance in event planning, digital marketing, multi media production & design. Target Audience: Corporations, small- medium businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurship, Like:..



Name for a Restaurant Operations Training & Franchise Consutant

Looking for a name for my consulting business that specializes in restaurant operations, training and franchise experience. Talent developer & food service expert delivering efficiencies, guest satisfaction & profitability...



Dog Training Names

Positive reinforcement: training humans to train their animals (dogs mainly, also horses, cats pigs animals! ) I believe in the Premack Principle that everything in the environment can be a reward for the animal...



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