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Wellness Brand: Movement Class

I am looking for a website name for my Feldenkrais practice. Feldenkrais is a movement class done with awareness (so it's done slowly)...

Name for an Intensive Programming Class

We're launching an intensive programming class in January and I'd like to come up with a memorable name that captures what we're doing...and the domain is available. This course is designed to take beginners to a high degree of self ..

Upper Class Dealership in Seattle Area Specializing in Realiable and Luxury Cars

I purchased an existing dealership in a upper class location specifically in Woodinville WA. Previously the dealership was called Cottage Lake motors, since it is right next to Cottage lake...

Spinning Class Monitoring System

Hello, I've made a system that can display on a screen, heart rate and speed of all bikers in a spinning class. I want a cool name ( and the corresponding URL) for that product...

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