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SaaS CMS Application

I've created a Saas (software as a service) CMS application but can't find a fancy name. About the CMS: I'ts an all-in-one concept...


Travel Agent Cloud CRM + CMS

I am looking for a brand name + domain for a cloud based, all in one tool suite that travel agents can use to manage clients, bookings, reservations, payments etc. The system will also have a CMS system so that travel agents can quic..


Name for Company: Add-Ons (Extensions Themes) for CMS Joomla Wordpress Drupal

We believe that easy to use, pixel perfect design and clean handcrafted code, is a must for a good product. Starting from a need, followed by a creative and studied solution, our mission is to create add–ons for Content Management Syste..


Domain Name Needed for a CMS/E Commerce Software Solution

Need a cool and different name for a domain name, i need the word Marketing in it


New CMMS Website

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System which facility managers use to track assets and create automated work orders for expensive equipment like aircraft which require routine maintenance and inspections. The so..


Web Application Platform for Sharing and Collaboration - Like CRM CMS Etc...

We have created a web application platform that includes a default suite of canned applications like CRM, CMS, Project Management, Email, Knowledgebase; and users can very easily create their own applications with a few simple clicks. W..


Cloud Based CMS / CRM System

I'm looking for a brand name for our cloud based and modular CMS and CRM system. The system is designed with creativity and usability in mind...

Web and Mobile App Data Provider / CMS

Name for the content management system/service

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