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Coaching Name Contests

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Business Coaching Business

My name is Liz London. I'm rebranding my business...

Winner: LadySetGo.com

Life Coaching Business

Website will consist of daily living blog posts: - FOOD: Recipes/ideas (mostly healthy) - TRAVEL: Articles on places I visit - picture heavy - BEAUTY: Articles about all-natural beauty & DIY recipes for products - HOME: Articles ab..

Winner: SimpliSourced.com

Coaching and Consulting Business

Coaching business specializing in mindfulness and creativity. Targeting to individuals and small businesses online and locally. Need professional clever name that isn't mystical.

Winner: MindfulCreativityCoaching.com

Coaching and Mentoring Business

My business is a coaching and mentoring businesses for both professionals in business looking for career support and advice, and individuals looking for lifestyle coaching (e.g. a career change, lifestyle changes, etc)...

Winner: TheArtOfSucceeding.com

Relationship Coaching Couples Fire Healthy Partners Mate Call

Relationship Coaching business that can be face to face or by phone conference.

Winner: TwosomeRelationshipCoaching.com

Health Coaching

I help people improve their health by education and developing a plan on how to improve their energy, sleep, stress levels, exercise and nutrition so they can have the energy and passion to do the things that matter the most to them in t..

Winner: IgnitedWellness.com

Career Coaching Business

Professional coach working with academics and professionals who are making career transitions. Targeting smart and dedicated people ready to advance in their career or pursue new opportunities altogether...

Winner: ThoughtPlane.com

Relationship Parenting Coaching Business

Coaching business specialising in parenting, relationships, emotions, healthy communication.

Winner: LadderOfLiving.com

Health Coaching Business

A health and wellness practice that focuses on helping people adopt healthier lifestyle habits through one-on-one coaching and goal setting Target audience is females, 20-40, who have tried every diet and want something different. ..

Winner: DisposeTheDiet.com

Life/Spiritual Coach

I am a life/spiritual coach helping individuals achieve their goals to create a better more conscious life for themselves. I use several tools to help my clients such as talk therapy, hypnosis and astrology...

Winner: Peacinglifetogether.com

Happiness Coaching Website

I'm looking for a catchy name for my happiness coaching website. I am a life coach specialized in happiness helping people to reach the next level of happiness in their life...

Winner: FreelyHappy.com

Consulting : Management Hiring & Coaching

This is about finding the name of a new coaching and consulting company. The philosophy of the company is the following: - Help organisations set up a more inspiring management and consider people in their wholeness...

Winner: AdvanceSense.com

Coaching & Development Company

We give people the opportunity to take time to think. Our expertise provide the resources & tools to help them make informed decisions at key points in their lives...

Winner: ChoiceDynamic.com

Brand a Start Up Coaching Consultancy. Mountain/ Exploration

Corporate & Personal Positive Psychology Behavioural Change Coach. Want To Use Something Related to Surname Of Mountain needs to stand out in a crowded coaching market...

Winner: Peakcorio.com

Expert Industry-Personal Business Leadership and Empowerment Coaching

I am looking for a business name that aligns with "Keep it Simple"- My logo represents "Life is the cocoon you are the Butterfly" and I want to be able to thread this through for example "Keep it Simple Leadership, Keep it Simple Coachin..

Winner: ExpertsLeadership.com

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