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Mobile App for High Schoolers Applying to College

This is a mobile app geared towards high school students looking for universities to attend. The app filters universities by social media content and showcases "student ambassador" life through blog posts, Instagram pictures, etc...

Service for College-Bound Athletes

This is a service that helps college-bound athletes promote their skills, manage their interactions with college recruiters, and get scholarships!

College Office Hours App

Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a catchy name for the website/app I'm building...

College Humor Magazine

I'm launching a college humor magazine at my school, UC Berkeley (known around campus as simply "Cal"). Articles will be written in the style of The Onion or Best names will be punny and be relevant to our school by i..

College Scholarship Finder

New web site that matches up students with compatible colleges and scholarships. Looking for a fun, made-up word that is 2-3 syllables + easy to remember...

College Searching Website

We are a College consulting company specializing in college intelligence and gathering insight from data. Targeting students through out the country for there admission in different colleges .Need a professional clever name that's easy ..

Online Website for University/College to Sell Their Digital Products Globally

Online marketplace for university and college students who can register online, post their profile. Their sell digital products based on small, medium business requirement or by general consumer Digital product category will be fixed i..

College Confession Website

Hi, I am looking for domain name ideas for a college confession website. The purpose is to bring together campus/college experiences nationwide into one place...

Name for a Website/Blog that Helps College Students Prepare for the Real World

I'm looking for a name & domain name for a website/blog idea that I have for helping college students prepare for life after college, getting a job and the corporate world. The target audience is college students, men and women about..

College Preparation (Major School Etc.) Website

I need a name for a website that will help guide students with their college decisions. The website will feature an aptitude test to help students choose a college major, school ratings, and a search feature to help students filter thro..

Tutor Website Focusing on College Students

I need a good domain name for a tutoring website focused on college students.

Need a Name for a Website for College and High School Students

We are looking for a name for a scholarship search website. The site is for high school and college students looking for scholarships to fund college education...

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