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College Social Network Name Contests

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College Social Network Name Contests

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Mobile App for High Schoolers Applying to College

This is a mobile app geared towards high school students looking for universities to attend. The app filters universities by social media content and showcases "student ambassador" life through blog posts, Instagram pictures, etc...

Winner: Dynaversity.com

Service for College-Bound Athletes

This is a service that helps college-bound athletes promote their skills, manage their interactions with college recruiters, and get scholarships!

Winner: ThisChampion.com

College Office Hours App

Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a catchy name for the website/app I'm building...

Winner: HelpSesh.com

College Humor Magazine

I'm launching a college humor magazine at my school, UC Berkeley (known around campus as simply "Cal"). Articles will be written in the style of The Onion or theminorunc.com Best names will be punny and be relevant to our school by i..

Winner: Calactia.com

College Scholarship Finder

New web site that matches up students with compatible colleges and scholarships. Looking for a fun, made-up word that is 2-3 syllables + easy to remember...

Winner: Classedia.com

A Company that Improves Colleges' Fundraising Efforts

Our company helps colleges inspire and engage potential donors so they can raise more money and expand their donor base. To accomplish this, we create web-based products and consulting services that we sell to the colleges, like our sc..

Winner: InspireDonors.com

Web and Social Media Design Agency

Small front-end development studio that creates beautiful, easy-to-use Wordpress sites for entrepreneurs and small business clients. We believe that size doesn’t matter, but standing out from the crowd does...

Winner: OneOfASite.com

Social Media Website Names

I'm developing an app to help make it easier for people to get together with their friends. Ideally, I'm looking for a single word name for an app that will allow people to sent calendar invites via mobile numbers, poll for the best dat..

Winner: Pinvite.co

Social Media Marketing Agency

Anything to do with marketing and providing value to customers Don't have to use the exact keywords Be creative

Winner: RocketLever.com

New Dating/Social App

Need a name for a new dating/social app. The name should be short, catchy and modern...

Winner: PeasNPod.com

Social Media and PR Software

Simple, elegant yet powerful and comprehensive tool designed to build audiences around companies, brands and people. Easily manage media relations, create content, and pitch stories to relevant audiences...

Winner: RiseKite.com

Local Retail Social Network-Like App

We're building (and looking for a name) for an app that acts a social network that connects local retailers with their consumers. Features include individual store pages with helpful info, news and community content such as reviews or u..

Winner: Shoprivy.com

Social Messenger (.Co .Ly .Com .Io)

All-new messenger where users can create their own content packs of texts, videos, gifs, images. Users can Discover, follow collections or create new ones...

Winner: ChatWhat.co

Social Media Strategy

Domain for a website specialized on social media strategy. Target are small biz and the technic behind is an automatisation (forms you have to fill out and based on this you receive a full social media strategy with a plan, etc...

Winner: Strategyzers.com

Social Media App

I am looking for a Social media app, that will be an Audio app where people will share and send voice audio messages. so instead of typing they will send a 30 second voice note, We initially thought of the name Holler or Holla, but bot..

Winner: Voxberry.com

Social Network News Website

Building a Thailand related website that is very similar to Reddit.com Would like the name to be a play on words, that is sort and sweet but some how still discribes what the site is about. Would like to have the word Thai in it so peop..

Winner: ThaiSocialForum.com

Social Media Management Software

Hey Guys! I need great name for social media management software...

Winner: Towerkit.com

Social Sharing Website

This website is a platform where Advertiser will promote URL or website and pay users to share the content on social website and on the web. It will be a similar concept as: http://sharemagnet.com/ Let's find a short domain name that..

Winner: ShareBullet.com

Maritime Industry Social Network

Brand name

Winner: Zeewi.com

Website to Socially Share "Inspiring" Stories and Videos

We are working with a client that wants to launch a website that aggregates "feel-good" stories from the web and shares them throughout social media. Similar to "Upworthy.com" in approach - but the stories will all be connected with "go..

Winner: InspiringShares.com

Picture Social Network

Hey, We had an idea for a social network where you can post pictures anonymously like reddit which disappear in 24 hours. Looking for a good name with the domain name available to put into our mockup...

Winner: USnap.it

Marine Industry Social Network

Job offering, crewing agencies, shipowners, shipping, ship management, offshore, merchant marine, academic, maritime news, chartering,

Winner: SeaRoll.com

Business Domain: Rep Firm and Social Media Agency

I have a business and need a domain name that I will also use for my business name. I am in the business of helping small business owners with various aspects of their business...

Winner: RiseResults.com

Social Network Manager

I've developed a software package that allows you to manage several social networks in one client and helps you find content to post on your social networks. It's similar to hootsuite...

Winner: PlusMarks.com

Social Network Helps to Develop Relations Between Group of People in Game Mood.

People who want real connectiona and relations under one interest or aim. People oldewr than 14 years...

Winner: Pleaple.com

Online Social Trust Service

Offering to companies which uses knowledge other companies have of people looking to do business with you along with a variety of other sources to determine whether what level of risk you present and if the details you've entered seem to..

Winner: FuseLock.com

Need Name for a Social Network Where People Make Recommendations

This new site enables users to push a button on their mobile devices and get recommendations on just about anything from all of their trusted sources - all at once, and in one list. Users no longer have to scour five different web site..

Winner: Favolt.com

Non-Profit Social & Political Debate Club for Youth

Looking for a name (and associated domain) for a social and political debate club for urban youth aged 16-24. .com TLD is not mandatory; .org works, as well as any interesting domain hacks...

Winner: ActionExpress.org

Social Search Company Name

We are looking for BRANDABLE name for a people search Company. Our target audience is professionals of all ages...

Winner: FriendsGold.com

Social Media Online Shopping Market Place

Looking for a creative but possibly descriptive name for an online shopping website similar to ebay or amazon but with a twist like wanelo or wish and socail and addictive like pinterest or instagram or facebook. Trying to make it appea..

Winner: Shopstie.com

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