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Animation Web Series - Comedy (Similar to The Simpsons Family Guy Etc)

Currently looking for a creative and quirky name for my site that will be used for animation content, it will be home to my animation web series. The current name is due to the idea of my series being based i..



I'm starting a podcast covering the paranormal from a skeptical view. I'd like to believe there's still magic and mystery in the world, but haven't witnessed any. I'd like a name that's memorable and possibly comical


Mccoy Football Podcast

Looking to name a football podcast. Target audience would be any sports fan looking to stay up to date on all football related news, prospects, predictions, etc...


Podcast Focusing on Story

Everyone has a story, what's yours? Is there a singular event that has helped to shape your life?..


Pet Podcast

Audio broadcast (podcast) for radio and web on the topic of pets. The podcasts will be one minute long and will focus on the human-animal relationship and pet behaviour...


Business Development Podcast & Blog for Independent Creatives

This project is about helping independent creatives grow their business. The target audience is independent creatives that are already in business or those people that are contemplating breaking free to start pursuing their creative in..


Podcast on Raising Bilingual Children

I am starting a podcast aimed at parents looking to raise their children speaking more than one language. The original idea is to create a podcast but I will very likely also have a blog to accompany the podcasts...


Gaming Podcast

We are three people (1 girl, 2 guys), looking to start our own podcast, reviewing new releases of games and also discuss news and hot topics. We are also going to run a mini news report about our popular minecraft server (200+ members)...


Inspirational Podcast (Primarily for Women)

We are starting an inspirational podcast which targets US women (30-50 years old), and we will feature interviews with female experts, entrepreneurs and examples of success. Each episode will leave women inspired and motivated with tang..


Podcast Title

Looking for a catchy name for my podcast show. See below for an example intro script: ANNOUNCER: You’re listening to SHOW NAME HERE…where we explore uplifting, inspiring and unique stories from around the planet…things we’re doing ..



Looking for a fun, memorable name to a new hockey podcast I am starting up. I write for PensBurgh, a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey blog...


Adoption Podcast

I'm starting a podcast about adoption. I'm an adoptive mom of two, and since my kids are a different race than my husband and me, we're like a walking billboard for adoption...


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