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Tech Blog/Advice Site Focused on Smart Homes and Connected Home Devices

Hi, thank you for checking out my contest. I'm looking for a name for a blog/article site...

Winner: Padtronix.com

Name for a Website that Connects Buyers With Farmers

I want to be able to connect the buyers with the farmers directly so that the buyers know who they are purchasing the products from. With this idea in mind, I'd like to create a website (on the lines of Airbnb) where farmers can post th..

Winner: Buyfromfarmer.com.au

Mobile Applications for Sport Clubs Connecting With Their Fans

We are looking for either a fantasy name or a name that contains somehow Fan or similar term in the domain name. The mobile application provides sports clubs a channel to communicate with their fans, their members, and their active play..

Winner: FanZinga.com

Online Company Connecting Advertisers and Publishers

Startup company which connects online advertisers to online publishers. Benefits to the online publishers: monetization of the publishers website...

Winner: SurgeAd.com

"Find a Representative" Website that Connects Customers to Sales Reps

The idea of the website is to offer a "Find a Representative" search for customers to find information about sales representatives, and products they sell. I prefer .COM domains...

Winner: RepFront.com

A Network to Help Retailers and Vendors Connect More Efficiently

Names that I had thought of previously but are not for sale: vendorlink, merchantcrossing, merchantscape, and others Open to made up words if they sound good Target audience is retailers and wholesalers - mostly smaller ones, no..

Winner: Merchantfuse.com

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