Talent Management Consulting Company

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Talent Management Consulting Company

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Need a name suggestion for a consulting company specialising in talent management consulting. We will be partnering with various software companies and provide implementation services for their software and any additional consulting around those.

The main target for our business is HR groups of companies which means its all about managing talent, people, training them etc.

The softwares we will be dealing with are: Learning Management System Performance Management System Goals Management Compensation Management Succession Management Career development

The main focus is around learning and performance management but we will be expanding it the other areas right after as well.

For some reason all names I could think of included the word talent but couldnt find any that fit well or had the domain name available for. I am definitely looking for other suggestions as well.

Here are the reasons why i like the names I have put in

talentrain - Suggests we can help complete you joruney with the talent apsiton - Doesnt mean anything learn2perform - Learning and performance are two module we consult on and also means that we help you learn so you can perform better talentree - help with growth of talent effectivepeople - Making people more effective via talent management

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: hr people perform skills talent transformation align synergy enable
talentrain, apsiton, learn2perform, talentree, effectivepeople.com

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