B2C Products Company

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B2C Products Company

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Pick the Perfect Name

I am in search of a name for a B2C company selling a variety of products online, wholesale to retailers, and also to large corporate and non-corporate institutions. There are several non-related product categories and the name should be a good fit for a wide variety of non-related products.

Each product is a leader in its category through technology and/or award winning design.

For example:

1) Bioplastic food-contact items (disposable cups, cutlery, to-go containers)

The key benefit to bioplastic food contact items is that they do not leech dangerous chemicals like traditional plastics.

The name should contain the following concepts:

1) Trustworthiness 2) Quality 3) Cutting-Edge

Either one word with a creative spelling, or two short words put together would be the best fit. The name should be simple and memorable.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted

Winner: IgniteMatic.com

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