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I'm starting a a small company, I have written below what it will do, but I am look for a a short name of 1 to 3 words. I would like the name to be interesting and catchy, I don't mind if it does reference technology in anyway.

What the company will do 1. Simple visual database and web integration building to streamline operations 2. Training & Customisation 3. Idea building, taking client ideas and building them in to products

The main overriding message I want is to be customer friendly, not be the old type of tech company, with clients not knowing what their paying for and getting less than they expect. I want to make it very approachable, people are basically afraid of tech companies as they no little to nothing about what they do, my goal is to fix this problem.

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Keyword suggestions: clear data design easy fix flair focus framework hype imaginative inteliigent made man renovate shine simplify solution speak

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