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Wellness Brand: Movement Class

Domain Name Contest created 1 month ago

Wellness Brand: Movement Class

Domain Name Contest created 1 month ago

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I am looking for a website name for my Feldenkrais practice. Feldenkrais is a movement class done with awareness (so it's done slowly). The benefits come from paying attention to how you are moving - so that you notice any habits that are getting in the way of moving better. Mostly done on the floor, a bit like a yoga class but done with the tranquillity of tai chi.

It helps with posture, flexibility, co-ordination and ease of movement. And easing aches and pains.

When you change your movement habits, you essentially rewire your brain. So as well as finding their movement has improved, many people find that they change in other ways as well: Increased flexibility when making decisions, a more balanced approach to the stresses of life.

Target market: More mature learners. 40 plus. Those interested in a journey of self discovery rather than the teacher tells you how to do it.

Names I have come up with myself:

Inner Moment: Because as the outside world is ever busier, we can benefit from taking a moment to focus on our inside world). And by focussing inwards, you notice what you are doing and can change your movement habits. [But sounds a bit like an advert for an indulgent chocolate bar!]

Sense of Movement: Because by sensing how you move, you can change how you move. And also conveys the idea of progress (moving on). [But another Feldy person has something too similar. Possibly a bit prosaic]

Move like a River: Because as you improve how you move, you get greater flow/fluidity in your movement/ease of movement. [But perhaps a bit too 'goddess'. And I am more earthy/grounded than floaty!]

I am in the UK so need as well as .com

My preference is for two or three word phrases ie that mean something/describe a concept rather than two words stuck together or made-up words.

This is really important to me - and I have been thinking about it so long that I am now going in circles. Help would be much appreciated!

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: Movement / Move / Moving / Sense / Awareness / Ease / Inner / Body / Mind
Words to Avoid:


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