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An e-commerce site needs URL who's root name will be the name of the brand. We are selling electric bikes specializing commuters and weekend pleasure riders, the bike will offer a big bang for the buck and will be affordable and high quality. (If using a car comparison an Acura) Targeting millennials and GenX male-female ratio is 75/25 - US consumers, Thinking REI, LL Bean, Starbucks, Peets coffee, crowd buying their 1st ebike. Need a professional clever name that's easy to spell and remember. Shorter is preferable. Tesla was a great name :) Would like a .com. Elegant but approachable, Thoughts are a domestic feel but not nationalistic or patriotic. This brand is Green, easy, convenient, Weekend fun, car replacement, ride on a trial or to a cafe in the urban jungle, it's, hip, cool and current. Inspiration

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