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Please could you suggest names for a handmade gift business? It will be selling lots of small goods made by hand by various craft makers. There will be a big influence with the Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass theme, with also whimsical themes such as Willy Wonka etc. It is a small but very old fashioned gift shop so the name needs to convey warmth and a sense of being old Victorian etc too. It will also sell a lot of ornate mirrors so the name could incorporate something using the word mirrors or looking glass, but the name needs to be ornate/opulent. An ideal name would be a double or more words, for instance Pretty Little Stars or Dragonfly Antiques etc something easy to remember and pretty is the aim.Thank you

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  • Any suggestions with names using the word keepsakes would be good. Something easy to remember like Foxy Keepsakes etc

    Posted 3 weeks ago by tangem Pro      

  • Hi tangem. Do you need more entries? If not conclude the contest and select your winner. Thank you

    Posted 2 weeks ago by NamePropeller