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The foundation is a non-profit organization developed in honor of my father. He passed away and left me his valuable art collection of photographs he made throughout his life. He is a famous photographer, and he also was a fine arts professor for 35 years. He was well respected as a mentor and artist. People who knew him would say he is a maverick, crusty cowboy, sharpshooter, inspiration, and the James Brown of photography. Proceeds from sales of his prints will fund scholarships to pay tuition to art students. The name should appeal to the artist community, and people with big bucks alike. Tasteful, yet edgy. I would like to see creative names for the foundation itself, not only a website. A catchy name for the foundation would grab the attention of the art community that I am interested in targeting. Using the name Jack Stuler, or part of his name - either Jack or Stuler, would be nice due to name recognition, but not at all necessary since a lot of people not in the artist community haven't heard his name. Good luck! I can't wait to see what you've come up with for this very worthy cause, and such a cool character my dad was, he deserves the honor.

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