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Name for a Financial Intelligence and Recruiting Platform

Name Contest created 2 years ago


Name for a Financial Intelligence and Recruiting Platform

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I am open to any of the common domain extensions: .me, .com, .co, or .io, or if the word carries over in a easy domain extension that will work too - like discover.ly.

If a large company owns the .com , it will not work.

Nothing longer than 8 characters

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required
Keyword suggestions: achieve acme aptis arete arete ascend ascent atara build cadre candidates career climb clinch clivity coinquer conduit connect craft cultivate data decision deft discover distinguish dokeo drive dyno esteem ethos euda eureka facilitate forever forte fortis fortune grit grow human infinite insight intelligence iq job kaipo knowledge kudos leap leverage market match metier monia passion profiles propel propel quant reach recruiting search smart talent theos together tracking triumph valiant value vision
leverage conduit knowledge data smart connect decision value cadre together quant fortune infinite forever market passion career talent distinguish esteem ascend grow propel ascent climb reach build achieve Arete Dyno Leap Acme Ethos Eureka Kudos Euda Monia Atara Discover arete kaipo valiant coinquer grit triumph vision Drive Propel facilitate cultivate insight Theos dokeo craft IQ intelligence clinch forte fortis Aptis deft metier cl
Words to Avoid:
LONG NAMES - Nothing longer than 8 characters

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