Name for a Startup Solving Complex Contracts (Bonus: Winner Gets $100 Bonus) | Discussion

Name for a Startup Solving Complex Contracts (Bonus: Winner Gets $100 Bonus)

Name for a Startup Solving Complex Contracts (Bonus: Winner Gets $100 Bonus) close

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1) What we do: We are a startup with the vision to change contracts, how they are managed and how they operate. We make it easy to create even complex contracts, and to utilise and harness data within contracts. We emphasise and focus heavily on the latter part. We offer our services as SaaS. We structure contract data in a way which allow us to: - analyse it - categorise it - apply it We want to place the contract at the heart of business transactions, and to make it a living document aware of its own terms and external events. We want to enable our users to use our platform to initiate transactions with its customers/counter parties, to agree on key commercial terms, to re-use such terms to easily create the contract, to negotiate the final contract terms with its customer/counter party, to sign it, to archive it and finally to analyse and apply contract data. 2) What we do NOT right now: We do not deploy “smart contracts” in the sense of blockchain/Ethereum smart contracts. We have a platform with our custom, contract-aware logic. However, blockchain technology may be a complement in the future. We do not use/allow artificial intelligence as it cannot in our opinion currently guarantee absolute correctness. 3) Naming: Examples of names we like: Scrive, Klarna, Stripe, Ripple, Carta 4) Naming requirements: - Available .com domain - One word (combination of words into one is OK!) - Catchy, Modern, Distinctive - Short (max 7-8 letters) - Memorable - Pronounceable 5) Possible naming components: - int / intelligent / wise - stack - “op” / “ops” as in operations - initiate - animate(d) 6) Naming components to avoid (parts may be used) - Law (we’re not just another legal service) - “Con” as in contract (negative connotation) Just like previous contests, if we select one of your suggestions, the winner will receive an additional donation of $100 USD (requires the winner to have a PayPal account).

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