High-End Beauty Cosmetics Skincare Line

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High-End Beauty Cosmetics Skincare Line

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We're launching a high-end hand made beauty skincare body products brand (cosmetics, skincare:creams, serums, face masks, lotions) using high quality botanical ingredients, mostly certified organic oils, butters which nourish skin and help to reveal inner skin's glow and resilience.

Targeting age group 25-65, mostly women. Looking for a simple, short, easy to remember name which would reveal purity, beauty, youth, luxury which could be a mixture of international word (maybe french/italian, vice versa, latin originated with a twist or any other combination or single word).

Example of popular hand made cosmetics company could be www.lushusa.com; also companies like Inika, Shiseido, Omiana (sounds nice and probably came from Latin word omnia which means all · altogether · completely · entirely · fully · perfectly · plenty · quite · thoroughly · wholly · all over · everything ..).

Inika generally means Little earth, is of Indian origin, Name Inika is a Feminine (or Girl) name.

The name “Shiseido” comes from a passage in the Chinese Confucian classic Yi Jing (Book of Changes), the general meaning of which is: “How wonderful is the virtue of the earth, from which all things are born!”. The brand name is written as ??? with ? (shi) meaning "assets, be conductive to, capital, contribute to, data, funds, resources", ? (shou, sei, i.kiru, i.keru, -u, u.mare, o.u, ki, na.ru, ha.eru) meaning "birth, genuine, life" and ? (dou) meaning "hall, public chamber."

So I am thinking that there should be some origin of the word/partial word.

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Keyword suggestions: beauty fresh gentle luxury purity smooth soft youth

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