Help Us Name Our New App!

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Help Us Name Our New App!

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We are working on a brand new design for our app and want your help to come up with an amazing name to fit our redesigned app! There is a short and a long description below. We want something that conveys our app will find content that you love while at the same time connecting you with people who share common interests.

Looking forward to all your suggestions.

Short: Our App learns what you love, automatically exploring the internet to find content on topics you're passionate about and connecting you with friends and other cool people who share common interests.

Long: Our new app learns what you love. Though our artificial intelligence algorithm, it automatically explores the internet to find content on topics you're passionate about and connects you with cool people who share those common interest. Our app delivers this content to your own personal feed, beautifully designed and always one step ahead of you, predicting what content you’ll want to see next. In the same way that Facebook connects people around existing social relationships and LinkedIn connects people around professional relationships, we are connecting the world through an interest based social network.

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