Software Platform for Viticulture

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Software Platform for Viticulture

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Pick the Perfect Name

We are in need of a name for a software platform (cloud & mobile app) that will provide a collection of information services for viticulturists and vineyard managers to aid viticultural work and management.

The platform will have a strong focus on grape yield estimation, and will emphasis simplicity, ease of use and making viticulturists lives easier.

Viticulturists and vineyard managers are good natured, down to earth hard working 'people of the land'.

Naming guidelines are:

• If possible the name should have either an obvious or ‘backstory’ link to viticulture and/or horticulture in general.

• The name should be easily recognizable and memorable. Uniqueness is just as important as the above mentioned ‘link’ - i.e. strong uniqueness would make up for a weak viticulture/horticulture link.

• One word, the shorter the better. One to two syllables would be ideal (maximum three).

• Beginning with the letter V would be a definite advantage, but there is also a strong preference for the name to not start with 'Vit' or 'Vin' (e.g. VitSmarter, VinBot, VinSight, Vinea, VinInfo, etc)

• It would be a strong advantage to have the .com or .io domain extensions available, but this is not an absolute requirement.

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required
Keyword suggestions: estimation grapes viniculture viticulture winemaking yield
Hectre, Verrior
Words to Avoid:
Names starting with 'Vit' or 'Vin' (e.g. VitSmarter, VinBot, VinSight, Vinea, VinInfo, etc)

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