Looking for a Cool and Spunky Name for a Grocery App

Domain Name Contest created 2 years ago by amjad.puliyali


Looking for a Cool and Spunky Name for a Grocery App

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We are starting up a grocery app with hyper local delivery. We are looking for some cool and spunky name for our app. Our target audience are millennials and this app is their new grocery store. We are launching in Gulf countries, so any arabic connotations would be useful. For example, Grocery in Arabic means Baqala - so you can play around with this word or something completely different than this.

Words should be 5 to 10, you can add two words together. Please make sure that the ".com" domain , facebook username and the twitter handle of the name suggested are available.

You can either suggest short (4-7characters) abstract names such as Zynga Zovi Myntra Zapier Zomato Yola, Agoda, Zoho or go for name that are made from two words such as pepperfry, urbanladder, redmango, orangesofa etc

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: bag / baqala / basket / cart / grocery / supermarket
PepperTap.com, Grofers.com, BigBasket.com, Baqala.com, Redmart.com, Bluemart.com
Words to Avoid:
Can have words like App, Shop, etc, but avoid using words where same alphabet are adjacent, for eg. if the domain name is appping (app + ping), we cannot accept it as can be confusing.

Winner: Zaqala.com

Showing 1 - 20 of 301 names

Name More names
Abaqala.com More names like this
AceBaqala.com More names like this
AceShoppe.com More names like this
AhoyMart.com More names like this
AiryMart.com More names like this
Alttazij.com More names like this
AppBaqala.com More names like this
ArmMart.com More names like this
BagBaqala.com More names like this
Bagqala.com More names like this
Bancla.com More names like this
Baqago.com More names like this
BaqalaBin.com More names like this
BaqalaBot.com More names like this
BaqalaBuy.com More names like this
BaqalaGuide.com More names like this
BaqalaParadise.com More names like this
BaqalaSearch.com More names like this
BaqalaSeek.com More names like this
BaqalaWay.com More names like this

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