Healthy Food/ Meal Plan Delivery Business

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Healthy Food/ Meal Plan Delivery Business

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I've owned a similar business in the past and it was too male dominant so I'm looking for something that can appeal to both genders. I'm planning once everything gets going to be offering the full spectrum of health which would be smoothies, cold press juices, snacks and individual meals too that can all be ordered online and delivered to your door. Also I will be using biodegradable containers to be a green company and also will have a donation option in the checkout page to donate to charities for diseases that are diet related.

Chef's prepare healthy food early in the morning and portion it to your health goals and we deliver it to your doorstep before you wake up.

simply healthy food at your door We make eating healthy extremely convenient

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Keyword suggestions: vale delivery easy fast feed food grub health healthy meals fly taste

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