Strategic Marketing and Advertising Agency

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Strategic Marketing and Advertising Agency

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A new company will be created to perform Strategic Marketing and Advertising Agency activities.

This company will give complete marketing services such like: creating marketing strategies, developing strategic marketing plans, business model development, segmentation, data management, social marketing, interactive marketing, mobile marketing, permission marketing and create / design tools to reach these goals like digital and analog advertisements, websites, micro websites, CRM activities, social network and / or club management, content management etc.

The main aim of the company is to eliminate 3rd parties, close the gap between them and give better and faster services.

The suggestions do not need to be literal, but need to convey a sense of capability, technical proficiency and creativity . It will be better to have unique, short and easy to remember names. Giving a clue that this firm is giving complete marketing services in the brandname will be ideal for us (the name may contain marketing in it; but also not a necessity.)

Would be great to be able to register the FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube versions of the name.

Thanks in advance and have fun!

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