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Consulting / Investment Ventures Company

Domain Name Contest created 4 years ago


Consulting / Investment Ventures Company

Pick the Perfect Name

Looking for a company name that will be used for both Consulting as well as Investment Ventures. This company will provide staff to companies under the consulting arm and will work with investors under the ventures arm. Can also think of the ventures as an investment fund.

Ideally the name selected would be used a a prefix to both service offerings. XYZ Consulting and XYZ Ventures although this is not required.

Like names that are clever, witty, or prestigious but need to appropriate in a professional environment.

Would like to use my logo that I created on macwhirter.ca (without the last name) if it makes sense, but won't force it

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: cutting_edge exciting powerful prestige reputable success ventures wealth
ArchAngel - Thought it sounded cool Thor Equities - Not exactly right for me, but I liked it Obsido - Latin for Investor Fortune International

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