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A) Service description: We deal with the following 8-9 services categories (Departments) - We plan to be one stop solution and service provider for all business services under one roof. 1) Registration Department - We help incorporate companies and get various business licenses. 2) Accounting Department - We help with end to end accounting for your business and your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Process. 3) Compliance - We help you with annual compliances (Taxes, GST, ROC, etc.) 4) HR / Payroll - Help you with HR and payroll processing. 5) marketing - Help you with marketing by helping you with website, digital media presence, digital marketing, SEO, etc. 6) IT services - Web app development, mobile app development, cyber security, AI, ML, etc. 7) Legal - Help you with your legal cases. 8) Investments - Help you with managing your funds and investment guidance. 9) community and Forums to discuss. B) Target Audience: 1) Person who want to start businesses in India (Indian or Foreigner) 2) Person currently doing business in India (Small, medium, large size) C) Single biggest point in the name: We want businesses to only concentrate on sales and their big idea and vision - We will manage all the other business services right from incorporation to management to compliance to growth to marketing - All under single roof delivered by single vendor (i.e. us). Treat us like your own corporate office - Each service vertical can be treated as their own department. D) Some other key words - Trust, Professionalism, one-stop solution, accountability, plug and play services, quality, knowledgeable, etc.

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