Digital Fanatics - Specialising in Online Marketing.

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Digital Fanatics - Specialising in Online Marketing.

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Hey You! Can we break the mould? Please Help us Try...

We are two experienced digital fanatics who believe we can turn around the bad reputation of the online marketing industry within our State.

One specialises in Search Marketing (SEO, PSA, Social) and the other in Account/Project Management (Web Design & CMS Development, Web Apps, Product Management). Our core offerings are: - Web Design/Development (from basic websites to CMS driven e-commerce websites or web/smart phone apps) - Online Marketing (Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search Advertising, Social Marketing, Reputation Management, EDM campaigns, Banner Ads) - Content Management (for websites, blogs, social networking etc) We have known eachother for 15 years and have worked previously together fighting the same cause - all things online!

Together we can consult, plan, execute and manage an array of digital marketing services designed for individual businesses using our contacts (including video production, copywriting, photography)

We're not 'normal' - we don't fit the stereotype and we are proud of that. We're arty, silly, crazy but driven and switched on.

Pretty things are nice but we also love great design and useability, we want to help businesses to succeed and delight their customers!

We want to throw out the egos and technical jargon, add in some honesty and expert advice and make it simple and straight forward for our clients and basically provide them a kick ass digital strategy.

Words we've thought of so far: interactive, digital, team, design, agency, media, creative, dream, fresh, quality, naked, heart, random, honesty, trust, personal service, engage, conversion

It should be creative and short. It doesn't need to have "digital, marketing" in the name itself. You could have animal names, colours, shapes, play on words.. but something that has meaning.

Let your ideas run wild!

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Keyword suggestions: interactive / digital / team / design / agency / media / creative / dream / fresh / quality / naked / heart / random / honesty / trust / personal / service / engage / conversion / balance / driven / throb / thrive / roar/raw / creators / water / & / fire

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