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We are a software development team in need of a new company name. We work for various companies in the video game industry. We assist companies that build tools and middleware which they license to game development studios. We are also working towards building our own game so ideally the company name doesn't have a specific term like "consulting". Name can be a combination of words/partial words. We're open to various names as they are reasonable to spell, pronounce and not extremely long in length/syllables. Adjectives/Phrases that describe our group. They don't need to be in the name but just noting for reference. -Logical, Creative, Focused, Directed, Determined, Efficient, Persistent, "Solves Complex Problems", "Thinking Outside the Box", Deliver "Help purposeful projects become reality with creative, efficient and directed solutions." "Create purposeful experiences through creative, efficient and directed implementation" "We make your problems our problems - it’s personal (that idea)"

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