Marijuana Company Needs A Name

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Marijuana Company Needs A Name

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We're a Washington state marijuana product manufacturing company looking for a name. The name doesn't necessarily have to reflect a slang word for pot. We want it to cross both the recreational as well as the medicinal aspects. We'd like something short and catchy, but this is a luxury brand, not a stoner pot shop with pot leaves everywhere. We'd love a name that we can then build products around within that name as part of the product line.

Our vision for our company is to manufacture whole plant cannabis extracts from “better than organic” herb that is grown without chemicals. Our expertise is in capturing the full floral, aromatic essence of this amazing plant to enjoy its amazing qualities. Our mission is to create products for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Our team includes a Medical Herbalist with over thirty years experience in the manufacturing of high integrity herbal products.

As we move into this new age of cannabis our goal is create a well thought out formulation that include cannabis, other herbal extracts, essential oils, teas, and beverages for those that seek a happier, healthier life with the use of nature’s best.

Products will include:

Fresh whole plant extracts

Salves and therapeutic massage oils

Teas and Beverages

Here are some of the name we've been considering:

Rain Drops, Dutchess, Herban leaf, DutchE, Xtracts, Herban Drops, Herbex, Normals (this is an eclectic term for green fresh herbal extracts), Happy Unconcern, Canna Verde, Verde, Medi-flora, R & M, Recreational and medicinal, Pot-tails, High End, High spirits, Pot drops, Bhang

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