Modern + Brandable Name Required for a SaaS Software

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Modern + Brandable Name Required for a SaaS Software

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We need a new name for a SaaS software (software as a service). This is a hosted software where users can sign up and start using it.

Mission is to provide users a platform where they can create different types of website (membership sites, stores, coaching sites etc) and maintain their sites, customers, payments from one platform to centralize everything. Users won't need hosting. They will simply signup and start creating websites.

So the name should represent the idea, our mission - create any type of commercial website in 5 minutes.

Name should be max 2 words, and in rhythm - one that we like a lot is "HubSpot".

This name will be taken to the VCs, so it should sound very professional.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: modern required saa software
Words to Avoid:
Software, App, Cloud


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