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A nordic software company developing web and mobile applications for private customers and offering some cloud hosting solutions to general public as well. One might consider us a value-added reseller (VAR). Our company website will be offering development and hosting services and the company needs a name NAMING RULES: A) The name has to be PRESENTABLE; try the name with these sentences BEFORE submitting it! "Good day, I am from [xxxx] and my presentation is about our software development" "[xxxx], your best choice for secure cloud hosting" "[xxxx] offers professional web and mobile development" "All the secure cloud solutions from [xxxx]" ( xxxx obviously being your domain name suggestion) B) SHORT NAME is preferred, easy to remember and keep the focus IMPORTANT! This is a software company - name has to reflect it somehow. One or two words, invented one word names ok as well English words or words spoken as spelled in English. Three letter animal names in the name allowed (keep in mind the software company) Do not extend already reserved names with one letter or two C) Please STAY FOCUSED and READ the keyword suggestions and words to avoid list - thanks

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