Network Security and Web Services Consulting Company

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Network Security and Web Services Consulting Company

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We are a consulting company that primarily specializes in network security (vulnerability assessment, penetration testing) and web development and design. The name can be associated with either of those service offerings, but really I don't want the name to pigeonhole us into a particular type of IT service. Just think simple and "techy".

Type of Name: Prefer something unique and professional. MORE like. Qualys, Cisco, Orchid and LESS like Yahoo, GeekSquad, Bugzilla. Made up words are fine.

Length of Name: Prefer two or three syllables. Shorter is obviously better, but we want an available domain name, too. Two syllable compounds are okay (e.g. - WireShark, FaceBook, GitHub). We don't want any boilerplate words tacked onto the name like technologies, tech, solutions, consulting, global, etc. We'd rather be known by our simple one word (or compound) name.

Distinctive Characteristics: We are a services company, but we may move into products down the road, probably software. For now, you can think of our service offerings as a jack of all trades IT consulting company. Our specialty is definitely network security, though, and trending towards Ruby on Rails development as well.

Target Audience: Small and medium sized businesses, almost exclusively. So the name needs to be memorable and very professional sounding. Have fun with the name, but don't make it too playful or goofy.

For sale domain names (if they can be verified for sale and not anything over a couple hundred dollars) are okay, but again we prefer something unique and available right now.


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Keyword suggestions: accurate acumen analyze assess evaluate expose insight manifest measure network open reveal sharp

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