Web App that Helps Fill Out Long Awkward Forms Really Easily Through a Simple UI

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Web App that Helps Fill Out Long Awkward Forms Really Easily Through a Simple UI

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We have created a web app that helps you fill out long awkward paper work and forms (Tax Returns, Bank loan , College applications etc) though an easy to use questionnaire UX. We breakdown the form making it visual and engaging, making the whole process much less daunting, faster, and dare I say even fun! Our process is simple, all a user has to do is chose the form they want completed, go through the visual online questioner and we provide a full filled out PDF version of their chosen form, so all they have to do is print it post it, it off! Our UI is simple and elegant with classic swipe features with very little input needed from the user. Our MVP product is a Tax form which calculates the amount of Tax a user is due back and then generates the completed form so all a user has to do is print it, post it and wait for their refund cheque to arrive. Our target market is 25 - 40 years olds who hate paperwork! We are looking for a name which doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the above, but that is short simple and easy to remember. We are not interested in name like forms 4u or Formz or what we would describe as low value domains. Think, modern web start up, internet apps,

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Keyword suggestions: back forms killer paper red return simple tape tax work

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