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We are a lifestyle e-commerce brand offering a variety of hip + aesthetic products that are simple to use for online shoppers, especially those that utilize social media platforms like Insta, FB, and Twitter. We are offering a variety of private label products for home, health, beauty and the outdoors. Our brand conveys ease, affordability, and trust. We’re selling goods on our own website and on Amazon. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity. We are looking for an easy to remember, catchy, descriptive name for our online e-commerce business. This name will be used as a store brand name and also listed on products. We don’t want a name that is completely made up, but we’re open to fun and trendy name ideas, two words max. We prefer if you do not use “Shop” with the name. To get a sense of what we are looking for, below are some names we’ve brainstormed so far: Society Coast Co., Life2People, Life to Humans, Simplifiable, Goodlery, Groveon Brand names we love: Lack of color, Asos, Hunter, Powerlix, Rezip, Stasher, Kitsch, American Apparel, Jet, Buzzfeed The name (BRAND NAME) should follow these guidelines: 1) Easy to spell and remember by an English speaker or native. Do not use “Shop” with the name. Please do not use foreign words. 2) Shorter is preferable, less than 10 letters (one word only would be great, a combination of two names is fine. two words max.) 3) Available domain. Available social media handles. Check 4) Must not have been already registered as a trademark in USA. Please do USPTO trademark check at or use before submitting a name. Target audiences are Millennials and Gen Z, online shoppers that want premium quality products and enjoy engaging and sharing products with others online.

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