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Looking for memorable name got parents/caregivers or selves to educate about sensory integration's effects on optimizing child's development, or either delaying, minimizing, or even eliminating a delay or condition (autism, Asperger's, ADD, cognitive impairments), I have restructured my own son's brain using sensory integration as he has Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, where the mid part of his brain connecting the left and right hemispheres from developing did not form.

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    AHeadStar.com (available)

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    MERAKI Pro posted 3 years ago

    • MERAKI : A play on the word "head" (brain related) and "ahead" (advance, forward). "Ahead" represents the development of the brain, the development of the cognitive abilities. "Star" represents all the children and what they can achieve. Hope I helped. Kind regards
    • MERAKI : The name also sounds similar to the expression "A head start" wich is also very interesting because parents, caregivers and children that take advantage of your program/therapy will be closer to the improvement of the specific condition in comparison with the ones that don't. They will have "a head start". Kind regards
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