Healthy Lifestyle App (Social Share Shop Plan Recipes Diet)

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Healthy Lifestyle App (Social Share Shop Plan Recipes Diet)

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Pick the Perfect Name

Do you know anybody that has gone through a diet? We all have the same problems, how to plan the meals, find trusted recipes, know where to buy those special ingredients and have a community to ask your most basic question.

We're creating a mobile App to solve that.

You could one day say you helped come up with the name of that popular (hopefully) app.

Looking for a name that is:

  • Abstract. More a concept than a specific word (ie avoid HealthyDiets)

  • Easy to remember (Memorable)

  • Sounds good in different languages (think pronunciation on English / French / Spanish...)

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required
Keyword suggestions: balance diet fitness food fresh healthy meals motivation nature planning trusted wellness
Baobat, Kenko, WellU, Sumi, Vita, Wello, Farmigo, Owl, Everest, Noom, Keas, Demeter, Artemis
Words to Avoid:
Health , Diet or too specific words. Looking for an abstract work that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

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