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The purpose of my vlog is to highlight the things going on in my city (Dallas, TX). I want to be the more detailed version of Yelp. Instead of just showing pictures, Im offering a more detailed experience. My blog will give you a 360 view of the venue. I'll also feature things like the type of music theses places have, the age of the crowd, and if its date friendly. The places that will be featured will be major events (concerts, fairs, and festivals), bars, and restaurants. The website is basically a detailed and opinionated guide to Dallas, and surrounding cities. Whats going to make this blog different will be the fact that we offer things for watching! The companies that I work with will offer my audience a discount for watching my videos, or may offer a free gift. We are offering a first person visual and experience to viewers so they have a complete understanding of the event or establishment. FYI: My name is Raro, i'm interested in including my name in the domain name to make it a personal brand name.Please don't feel obligated to just submit domains with my name. I also want a domain that is straight to the point. Im not a fan of names that are long, or using words that aren't used in normal conversation. My age group is 18 to 35. Help me come up with a name that is simple and straight to the point.

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