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Detailed brief: Concept: Before the internet, it was difficult for private donators to donate for a good cause in the comfort of their own homes. The donators are encouraged to donate by incentivising the rewards by entering their donation into a lucky raffle draw- where one lucky winner walks away with an exciting prize. Overview: We are currently in stealth mode and intend to launch in July 2015 Market: This product is created for the indian public. The platform is for the common man to be able to access a channel for good will donations, while also being presented with an opportunity to win exciting prizes. A win-win situation. Brand Personality: The company is essentially a startup run by young people, so we would like the name to reflect the energy that is common to most startups Naming objectives: Ideally- A name that is easy for the customer to guess what the platform is- evoke a positive feeling- it could be a makeup word that sounds nice too, Pronounceable, memorable, also names that refer more to the winning angle are preferred over names referring just to the charitable angle of the website. Desired domain extensions: .com Domain associated keywords: Domain specs: Maximum letters in domain name is 8 Maximum words in domain name is 2 No dashes in domain name No numbers in domain name Slang may be used in domain name

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