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Natural Cosmetic Brand Name

Name Contest created 1 year ago


Natural Cosmetic Brand Name

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Hi, I'm looking for a brand name for a line of cosmetics made out of 100% natural and organic ingredients.

The line itself will be branded and marketed on its own, but I will be using it in my clinic for cosmetic acupuncture as well.

Target group consists of women (and men) between 30 and 65+ that like to take good care of themselves, are conscious of the fact that conventional cosmetics are full of health hazardous chemicals and may or may not have had skin reactions with conventional cosmetics. In other words a reactive skin.

Preferable a sophisticated name that hasn't got the whole organic green hype drooling over it.

Packages are white, modern, not too fancy.It is made in Holland, but meant to be international.

Name may be in modern, classic or edgy style.

Product in the line are: Day and night cream Eye cream Face lifting cream facial cleaner shampoo conditioner massage oil repair cream feet balsem body lotion etc.

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Keyword suggestions: care conscious cosmetics cream good health natural organic

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